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A No-BS 'Straight To The Point' System.

Designed To 10x Your POWER & Create A Disgusting Work Ethic.

The most EFFECTIVE strategies to give you the most AUTHENTIC results.

  • Transform Your Mindset
  • Create A Crystal Clear Roadmap For Your Future
  • ​Live A More fulfilling Life
  • ​Unlock Ridiculous Drive & Ambition
  • ​Build Unwavering Discipline & Fortitude
  • ​Establish Keystone Habits
  • ​Gain Unbreakable Resilience
  • ​10x Your Productivity To Get Quicker Results With Your Goals
  • ​Develop Lifelong Laser-Focus
  • ​Motivate Yourself On Command
  • ​Master Your Emotions
  • ​Maintain Consistency & Stay Motivated
  • ​Become Great At Anything
  • ​Find Purpose
“Being part of this program has helped me become more aware of my habits and feelings than ever before, providing me with so much PERSPECTIVE.

Each module has been LOADED with knowledge and structure that I have NOT SEEN in other online spaces, providing REAL VALUE and benefit to me. Even the tiny replies and reactions to my Instagram stories have meant a lot and I thank you for interacting and the kind words. 

I have also had younger guys reach out to me for ADVICE and PERSPECTIVEThis is something that I NEVER would have expected, yet I feel MORE EQUIPPED to help them because of the lessons I have learnt from you…

It is the BEST feeling to know my words have helped someone overcome their own fears and insecurities.”

-H. Armstrong

My Name Is Dre Drexler.

I'm not like your typical gimmicky motivational 'guru'
who's going to smother you with images of me on some super yacht with a bunch of IG models.

Neither will I shove a $50,000 Rolex in your face.

Honestly, I could care less about any of those things.

In fact, the necklace you see me wearing in this picture was $12 on Amazon & the sterling silver 'Jesus' ring, yeah I eventually gave it away to my nephew.
Listen, my brother...

I'm not here to hype you up with superficial things to show proof that, 'look at me, this program works!'

While I possess the ability to create a website showcasing social proof & ‘over the top’ benefits—

This always tends to frustrate me.

I'm not obligated to show you PROOF.
I'm responsible to give you RESULTS.

In other words—I DELIVER.
Point blank period.

I know what you need to become your most optimal self, because I've been on this journey myself.

I hate admitting this, but it’s 100% true...

Near the end of 2021, I found myself at my lowest.

I was heavily addicted to porn.

Smoking weed everyday.

Watching Netflix shows while my wife was slaving away at work all day.

Meanwhile, my little online business was drying up & I didn't seem to care.

I was a poor excuse for a man.

And I distinctly remember 1 single moment that re-defined the rest of my life.

It was a look on my wife's face that I'll NEVER forget.

It was right after she got home from a long day at work
& I had confessed to her that I had been doing nothing but relaxing all week long because I just wasn't 'feeling it'.

And to top it off, I told her I had even watched some porn before she came home.

She looked at me like a small impotent weasel.


And this broke me.

I felt lost. I felt weak. And I had no direction for my life.

I remember looking at myself in the mirror teary-eyed, thinking…

"I NEED to TRANSFORM... But how?"

“How do I become like the men who are in the Top 5% of the world—who are full of drive & passion?"

“How do I become the kind of husband my wife brags about?”

“How do I take back control & get exactly what I want out of life?”

"How do I become an absolute BEAST of a man?"

So what did I do?

I made the most important decision in my life.

I chose to STOP lying to myself.

To be 100% real with ME.

To stop BS'ing. Stop denying. Stop justifying my behavior.

And START taking responsibility.

It was a turning point.

Long story short...

I turned on a switch in my brain.

I destroyed my excuses

I destroyed my limiting beliefs.

And I started attending seminars.

I would stay up till 2am in the morning reading self-improvement books.

I even spent thousands of my hard earned money on courses about:

• Brain performance
• Mindset Expansion
• Self-Mastery
• Overcoming Addiction
• Recession Proof Skills
• Rapid Online Growth
• Productivity
• Resilience
• Healthy Relationships
• Finding Purpose

Overall there were at least 15 courses I purchased & went through.

And all of them were fantastic.

But I noticed a few patterns between them all.

One was very apparent...

Dive all in.

Don't dip your toes in & feel it out.


When it's time to move, you move!

I don't mean to get too 'religious' on you but in the Bible it says; 'Ask, Seek, Knock.'

The problem is most people are a bunch of 'ASK-HOLES'

In other words...

They sit around on their butts ASKING God to solve all their problems but never get up to SEEK or KNOCK!

I've always believed God blesses those who put in the work.

For example...

In Exodus 40:33, it says; "And so Moses finished the work."

And then in the very next verse it says; "...THEN the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle."

Meaning, God doesn't bless your good intentions. He blesses you when you finish the work!

So STOP asking God to fill up the work that you won't finish!

...And that's exactly what this 21-Day Transformational Program is all about.

'Getting the work done.'

Becoming disciplined, creating a new mission, & getting obsessed with the process.

I'm NOT going to lie to you, my life did NOT magically change overnight.

I had to put in the work.

I had to dive in & completely transform myself.

And it was hard as hell.


I FINALLY feel like I'm the man I've always dreamed of becoming.

However, I also feel like I'm just scratching the surface. 

I've got more drive & fire in the belly than ever.

I've got a whole life planned out ahead of me & a very specific plan on how to get there.

• NO more days of feeling unmotivated.
• NO more days of laziness & procrastination.
• NO more feeling soft, weak & impotent.
• NO more looking like a chump to my wife.
• NO more feeling losthopeless & purposeless.

I am a new man & I've never felt more enthusiastic & purposeful in my life.

I'm more focused & driven than EVER. 

I attack each day & completely dominate my goals.

My income has quadrupled.

I now own 2 successful businesses & I'm in the process of launching another.

My marriage has become the very best thing about my life.

My wife looks at me in awe. She literally tells me she's obsessed with me all the time.

I’m the most happiest & fulfilled I've ever been.

I'm no longer chasing PLEASURE but instead I'm pursuing PURPOSE.

...And my #1 desire in life is to get you the same results.
“Yo Dre… PHENOMENAL. I'm more focused than EVER. Currently feeling the ‘mamba abs’ challenge hard though, haha.

I really would like to say I am thankful for your program. It was really well put together and provided a PLETHORA of information and ideas most men NEED to hear.

-K. Smith


This program is designed to help you achieve mind, body, and soul mastery by providing you with a step-by-step formula to get unstuck, gain momentum, and redefine who you are.

Unlike the 'BASIC' version of this 21-day challenge, when you decide to take the path of the 'ELITE' you will get access to the most effective strategies to DOMINATE your goals & transform your life.

You will have the secret edge that the 'Basic' members only dream about having.

You will be leveling up in the fast lane.
this program is NOT about CHANGE.


We are NOT here to slap on some habits & get drunk on some loud obnoxious hype & hoopla, waiting for the enthusiasm to fade.


We are here to literally transform our identity & see ourselves differently.


To GAIN momentum & KEEP it going!

Imagine ACTUALLY making real progress with your goals while everyone else is mindlessly scrolling on TikTok, playing video games, binging Netflix shows, allowing all their hopes & dreams to slowly rot away...

Soon before you realize, you will be a cut above the rest.

People will start to see you as a Top Tier Man.

They will begin to look to you for the answers & you will have them.

You will be absolutely DOMINATING your LIFE.

You won't be lacking anything.

You will create a crystal clear roadmap for your future & become your most optimal self.

You won't have to 'feel' motivated or wait for inspiration to 'strike'.

You will be weaponized for life.

And you will be able to help others do the EXACT same thing.

The Problem With The Modern Day World Today Is:
  • It's against you.
  • It's set up to distract you with entertainment.
  • To control & constrain you with pleasure.
  • ​Limit you with self-doubt. 
  • ​To keep you 'in-line' with everyone else, living an unexciting-unfulfilled life.
  • ​Meanwhile, red pill influencers are rising up & telling you;
"Stop Being Weak", "Be A F'n Man!", "Rise Up, King!"

...Without giving you any sort of direction or set of tools because they themselves don't even have any answers.

They're just regurgitating Andrew Tate quotes to get quick views & subscriptions

Look bro, can I be honest with you?

I don't follow the red pill.
Nor do I follow the blue pill, black pill, or any other trendy pill that goes viral on the interwebs.

I follow God & whatever He requires of me. That's it.

I know that may sound "Cringe" to some folks, but at least I know I'll never be lead astray as long as I continue on this path.

And so I've created a system based off this exact path that I believe God took me through.

Listen, brother...

The [WakeUp,ŌSleeper] 'ELITE' Transformational program is truly my best work I’ve put out.

If you've enjoyed & received value from my free videos on YouTube,
then I can't wait for you to experience this program.

What To EXPECT...

  • ​The [WakeUp,ŌSleeper] 'ELITE' Transformational Program will run for a total of 21 days.
  • ​It will be split into 3 total weeks.
  • ​Each week will have a new theme/concept. (see below ⬇)
  • ​At the beginning of each week, there will be a new set of challenges to perform.
  • ​​The Challenges will be physical, mental, nutritional, spiritual, etc.
  • ​There will also be Daily Videos, Courses, PDF Forms, &/or Assignments designed to weaponize you in your pursuit of self-mastery.
  • ​There are a total of 13 Challenges, 80 videos, & 19 simple yet POWERFUL assignments that add exponential momentum towards the target of DOMINATING your life.
  • ​You will have lifetime access to this program. We encourage you to go through it 1 time per year or as often as you like. 
          • Week 1: 'Flow Mode'
During this week, we will be building the foundation of our transformation. In other words, we will be renewing our identity & the way we see ourselves. Think of it as being REBORN. We will completely reconstruct our mindset so we can 10X our Focus, eliminate all distractions, & get into a FIERY WORK FLOW.

          • Week 2: 'Monk Mode'
This is where the 'fun' begins. This stage of the program will be a lot more intense, so be ready. You may even need to seclude yourself from the outside world—much like a monk. During this week, MUCH more will be required of you, both mentally & physically. This will be the true BUILDING PHASE. There will numerous hand-written assignments & courses that will teach you how to; Create an actual roadmap for your future, anchor your habits, master your emotions, & channel your energy into a more productive, fulfilling life. 

          • Week 3: 'Beast Mode'
The final week is exactly what it sounds like. We will be taking everything I previously equipped you with & put it into full effect. This is the icing on the cake. Once the courses & assignments within this week are completed, you'll be feeling like a BEAST. You'll have everything you need to DOMINATE your life, ATTACK your goals, & live a more PURPOSEFUL life. You'll be a true resilient warrior, armed & ready for whatever battles you WILL face in the future.

Loyalty Members Discount

A Program Of This Caliber Usually Sells Anywhere Between $1000-$5000.

However, Today I Will Be Gifting My Most Loyal Followers With A Special Discount. 

Get The [WakeUp,ŌSleeper] 'ELITE' Program For Just $298 $98

-HURRY. Accept This Limited Time Offer Before I Raise The Price.

"The [WakeUp,ŌSleeper] 'ELITE' Program is truly life-changing.
The depth & knowledge is unlike anything I've seen... Dre's really done a solid for us all."  -Harry A.

"This was an amazing huge stepping stone… actually, scratch that. THIS WAS A LEAP!"  -Kiron H.

“Life at the minute has been so busy but your course is keeping me so grounded!
The Day 8 work has been EYE-OPENING!”  -Keanu B.

"Can't believe it's been 21 Days ALREADY.
I feel that this has been one of the most IMPACTFUL things that has happened to me on my self-improvement journey.

Dre, I CANNOT THANK YOU enough for honestly helping me turn my life around these past 3 weeks.
Thanks again for such a LEGENDARY course!" 🫡

-Jaden Harris

Think about this...
What would happen if the doctor gave you 3 months to live unless you improved your diet & started working out?

Would you still continue to eat poorly & sit on your couch all day?


You would STOP all your bad habits cold turkey.

You would completely change your life in an instant.

Now even though you may not be dying physically, guess what?


So it's time to make some RADICAL changes. RIGHT NOW.

Procrastination has NEVER served you thus far.

STOP dipping your toes in.

Click the orange button & let's dive into the deep.

“The WakeUp,ŌSleeper Challenge is LIFE-CHANGING for me because my goals, discipline, & masculinity has really IMPROVED! 
This Program will boost your confidence, focus, & discipline. And will help you become A MAN. Thank you so much brother!”

-G. Moans


Great. I've Got Answers.

Make Sure You Are Making The Right Decision!

Do You Offer Refunds?

A marketing agency suggested I have a refund policy.

They said to, "offer a 7-day refund policy, so if it's not a fit, people can get their money back. This way, they have nothing to be afraid of & they are more likely to buy!"

From a marketing point of view that makes sense. From a sales point of view that makes sense. But I’m not a marketer. And I’m not a salesperson.

I'm a coach.
And I'm not here to make things easy or less scary for you just so I can get an 'extra sale.'

I don't want people to 'have nothing to be afraid of'.


Because Real Transformation is scary.

It's not easy to become your greatest self. If it was, everyone would be great.

If you want to truly transform, THEN YOU NEED TO DIVE ALL IN.

No relying on a 'refund' to save your ass when times get tough.

Listen bro, this program has been 100% proven to give you results. You just need to commit & do the work.

It would be extremely unfair for someone to come in & collect all the knowledge that took me years to accumulate & claim a refund.

I only want members who are COMMITTED & who already know my advice on YouTube is life-changing to join.

So to answer your question if I give refunds...


In 1 sentence what will the [WakeUp,ŌSleeper] 'Elite' Transformational Program help me achieve?

This program will show you how to;
Dominate Your Goals, Create An Epic Life, Build Resilience, Find Purpose, Master Your Emotions, Become A Beast, etc.

Is the [WakeUp,ŌSleeper] 'ELITE' Transformational Program good for teens?

100%. This is the stuff they should be teaching in schools! But unfortunately they don't.
We've had plenty of teenagers who have completed the 21 Day program who are now so much more farther along than their classmates.
(Always ask your parents for permission first.)

What's the different between this Program & The Masculine Masterclass?

Great question. Both are drastically different.

• The Masculine Masterclass is strictly 5+ Hours of video classes.
It's solely based on becoming your most masculine self.
Dealing with topics such as; Relationships, Marriage, Fatherhood, Brotherhood, Spirituality, Wealth, Sex, Conquering Temptation, etc.
If you were raised without a father or you didn't have any great fatherly mentorship, The Masculine Masterclass is for you.

• The [WakeUp,ŌSleeper] 'ELITE' Transformational Program is videos + challenges, assignments, activities, homework, PDF fill-outs, etc.
So it's a lot more hands on & transformational.
This program is designed to help you achieve mind, body, and soul mastery by providing you with a step-by-step formula to get unstuck, gain momentum, and redefine who you are.
If you want to learn how to become focused, disciplined, resilient, productive, purposeful, bad ass, & an all around "go-getter", THIS PROGRAM IS %100 FOR YOU.

Do I really have to commit for 21 consecutive days?
What happens if I skip a day or two?

I highly encourage you to not skip any days.
If you do, it's not the end of the world, but it may slowdown your momentum.
I want you to fully commit to the 21 days so you can show yourself what you are made of.

Is there anyway to connect with you 1-on-1 during the 21 days?

Once you login to your account, you'll see there is a comment section below each video.
I usually reply to all the comments in there. If I don't, just continue to comment till I see it.
Also, you can always join our discord. I'm usually in there a few times week.
As far as 1-on-1 calls, I currently don't have this as an option as this would take up a majority of my time. Sorry.